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Nyarugenge District, Mageragere Sector, Kigali city in Rwanda: Ms Gloriose Uwamahoro (red head wrap) supplies water to people in her community. The water kiosk was donated to the community by the Gikuriro Program which Ms. Gloriose joined in 2017 when her daughter Laetitia Nshutinziza was suffering from moderate malnutrition. She has benefitted from CRS’ COVID-19 relief funds that were provided to her through cash transfer and helped her to cope with COVID-19 consequences.

Gikuriro, funded by USAID and implemented by the consortium led by CRS, including SNV and local partners, is designed to reduce childhood malnutrition by attacking the problem from a variety of angles – working with the Rwandan Government to improve community health services, educating families on good dietary practices and farmers on growing nutritious food, while encouraging saving money and spending some of those savings on better sanitation, like latrines and hand washing stations.