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Gloriose , left, feeds her daughter Nshutinziza a meal after school.

In 2017, Gloriose Uwamahoro’s daughter Nshutinziza Laetitia was suffering from moderate malnutrition. Motivated by her husband Karekezi Jean Pierre, Gloriose joined a CRS-led project designed to reduce childhood malnutrition. The project works with the Rwandan government to improve community health services, educate families on healthy diets, train farmers to grow nutritious food, encourage saving money and invest in better sanitation. Gloriose learned how to prepare a balanced diet for her daughter, Nshutinziza recovered and Gloriose continues feeding her well. Gloriose also joined a micro-savings group that taught her how to manage her income.

Photo by Mussa Uwitonze for Catholic Relief Services