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Noornobi’s niece and nephew—Shima, left, and Ador—attend a nearby coaching center. Their school has been closed because of the pandemic, but they are continuing their education through a private tutor. Ador is in the sixth grade, and Shima is in the fifth grade.

Noornobi and his father, now farmers, previously worked as fishing laborers but struggled to earn enough money to provide for their family. Then Noornobi participated in a CRS project implemented by our partner Caritas Bangladesh. Through it, families reduce their vulnerability by learning improved techniques for vegetable cultivation, ways to make their homes more disaster resilient and how to prepare for hardships through micro-savings groups. Noornobi learned disaster-resilient gardening and received support to build a vegetable plot. He gradually expanded his crop yield, which increased his family’s income. Noornobi now produces vegetables commercially while meeting his household needs and supporting the children’s education.

Photo by Amit Rudro for Catholic Relief Services