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Megharani (Megha) Baliar Singh

The Singh family lives in Deipur Village in Block Kanas, Puri district, Odisha state in Eastern India. They receive assistance through CRS’ Community-Based Disaster Preparedness (CBDP) program. CBPD provides a range of disaster preparedness and resilience interventions, such as livestock vaccinations, improved varieties of rice that can withstand flooding, kitchen gardens, bag gardens and nutrition education. All of these interventions help the family withstand natural disasters and personal crises, and often allows them to save money for other family needs.

The 3 goals of CBPD are 1) preparedness, 2) mitigating agriculture and livestock losses, and 3) early recovery, which includes kitchen gardens because they’re fast growing.

CRS runs CBPD in partnership with the Society for Women Action Development (SWAD) and also received technical assistance from the Central Rice Research Institute. CBDP receives funding from the COFRA Foundation in Europe.

Photo by Jennifer Hardy/Catholic Relief Services