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Kadija Abdelahi with her son, Amar Yusuf, 6 months.

Kadija is one of the millions of people severely affected by the worst drought in 50 years, prolonged by El Nino. She learned from a REAAP-trained health extension worker better breastfeeding techniques and about the frequency of breastfeeding.

REAAP, short for Resilience through Enhanced Adaptation, Action-Learning and Partnership, is helping nearly half a million people adapt new practices and technologies to mitigate the devastating impact and better withstand climate change. The 3-year USAID-funded project works hand in hand with the communities of 6 vulnerable “woredas,” or districts, in both zones of Oromia state. Trained community volunteers establish committees—20 members per “kebele,” or cluster of villages—that design and carry out action plans to decrease the risk of climate-related disaster.

Photo by Petterik Wiggers for Catholic Relief Services