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Dita Abdo (gray shawl with red leaves), a mother of seven and recent ‘graduate’ of CRS’ DFAP program, participates in SILC, which has enabled her to purchase additional livestock, and send her children to school. She’s also received food and cash as payment for working n public works projects in her community. She is also part of a producer co-op that makes and sells fuel-efficient stoves for extra income, and opened her own shop with SILC savings and loans. Despite the severe drought, her family is self sufficient enough to cope with the impact.

The five-year, 5 million Development Food Assistance Program (DFAP) aims to increase the resiliency of Ethiopians in Oromia region and Dire Dawa Administration facing chronic food insecurity. A key program goal is to improve the health, nutrition and sanitation of mothers and children. Integrated services help families earn more money, increase food supplies and grow their household assets, like purchasing livestock. Health, nutrition, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) initiatives also bring positive change, and public works (paid in food or cash) increase and improve available social infrastructure and protect natural resources through community participation.

Photo by Petterik Wiggers for Catholic Relief Services