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Jonah was adopted from Seoul at age two by a Southern Baptist preacher and his wife. He associates the U.S. with freedom, pride, and Christian values. An IT manager married to a Filipino woman, Jonah understands why people are attracted to our nation’s promise of opportunity and freedom. And while he believes in loving his neighbors, he also wants them to be thoroughly vetted. His greatest fear is that America is drifting away from its moral foundation and putting freedoms at risk.

In early 2018, CRS launched: Be UnAfraid as s part of the larger, Share The Journey, global refugee support campaign. This two year project was inspired by Pope Francis. who has called for Catholics globally to make pilgrimages and to encounter their neighbors.

In April we asked dozens of refugees and their American neighbors to start critical conversations by sharing their stories with each other.

What they discovered is that the very fears that tear us apart can actually bring us together.

Photo by Jeremy Cowart for Catholic Relief Services