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Esperance Mulwefakadi, 10 years old, is registered for a scholarship program by CRS Mobi-Com Mimie Kingambo at the Bana Kimono primary school, Kikwit, Bandundu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo on November 14, 2014. Esperance received a scholarship through the program ÔVAS-Y FilleÕ and has been able to continue the last two years of school. From a disadvantaged family, her mother has been sick and bed ridden for many years and her father and extended family whom she lives with scrape by collecting manyok roots which they dry and sell to make a meagre living. ÒI would like to continue my studies into high school if my family has the means to support me and I dream of one day becoming a nurse." The Bana Kimono primary school has 394 students. Forty female students receive a scholarship from years 5 and 6. CRS and its partner Caritas, as well as organizations International Rescue Committee and Save the Children are engaged in an education initiative focusing on assisting female students from financially disadvantaged families to continue studies in the final two years of primary school. The program 'VAS-Y FilleÕ or ÔGo Girl!Õ supplies scholarships to help pay the school fees and books for students from disadvantaged families.

Photo by Sam Phelps for Catholic Relief Services