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A line to check in during the distribution with marks on the ground 6 feet apart.

With ongoing transmission of COVID-19 in Mali, RRM/USAID-Kisili has adjusted its implementation strategy to protect both the health of the Kisili project team (CRS, local NGOs, and government actors) and beneficiaries.

CRS and its local partner, Caritas Mopti is conducting emergency food, WASH, and kitchen set assistance to 350 household IDPs (2,825 individuals) after a rapid assessment conducted in Koro Commune on March 18. The displacement occurred following an unidentified armed group attack in several villages of Baye Commune, Bankass Cercle. Several houses and granaries were burnt down. IDPs fled their villages to seek shelter in Koro Commune. Due the COVID-19 context, the RRM team is working closely with health officials in Koro Cercle, the mayor and the prefect for this distribution.
Prior to meeting beneficiaries, the Kisili team participated in a training session led by a local government health official (covering Koro and Tidermene Communes) to obtain accurate, up-do-date, and locally appropriate information to share with beneficiaries in the local language and instructions on how to properly don and dispose of masks and disinfect surfaces. Before departing for the distribution sites each morning, the health professional checks the field team’s temperatures and signs/symptoms to ensure that team members themselves are not putting beneficiaries at risk and are referred to a health center as soon as possible if showing any symptoms of infectious respiratory disease. On site, the health professional is ensuring that all beneficiaries have undergone temperature and respiratory symptom screening before approaching the handwashing station at the distribution site entrance. Any beneficiaries exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will be directed to a separate area for further follow-up with a health professional and another member of the community will be identified to collect the assistance for the beneficiaries.

Photo by Salif Dembele/Catholic Relief Services