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Mike Nehoda, 63, works in the soup kitchen of the Caritas Athens Refugee Centre, in Athens, Greece. Mike has been a volunteer at the centre for 1 month and is passionate about his work. Mike says, "As a Christian I want to support people who are in need and during this time in Greece there are many in need. If I don't support one person everyday I feel bad with myself, like a sick person. I pray and ask for direction from God in order to help people as best I can. I have been doing this kind of work day and night for the past five years."

This year, thousands have fled countries in northern Africa and the Middle East seeking asylum in different parts of Europe. Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Caritas are scaling up their humanitarian relief efforts to address these growing needs in Serbia, Macedonia and Greece. This is part of the Balkan Refugees - Migrants Response project.

Photo by Andrew McConnell for Catholic Relief Services