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A family of 3 from Syria, including a mother Iman (pictured) and 2 of her sons (Mohammed 16 and Samir 2 years old- not their real names). She has 2 other sons who are still in Syria with their father. They were going to Germany where her brother has been living for the last two months.

It took them 20 days to travel to Greece, traveling to Turkey and then to Lesvos. She said they had spent 3 days waiting in Idomeni. It has been difficult for the children to sleep at night.

More than 930,000 refugees arrived in Greece in the past 12 months. Last year several thousand people were crossing the border at Idomeni every day but now there are tight restrictions. Caritas is providing food and WASH.

Photo courtesy of Natalia Tsoukala/Caritas