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A well CRS installed to help village families access clean water.

After floods devastated southern Pakistan's Sindh province in 2010, hundreds of thousands of families lost homes, belongings and livelihoods. CRS responded with emergency supplies and shelter immediately after the floods, and have supported families with transitional shelter and WASH in following years.

The village of Dad Muhammad Mirani suffered severe silting and sand deposits during the 2010 floods, in addition to washing away homes, animals, and existing water infrastructure. Families were displaced for three months, but on their return, had no source of income and no way to access clean water. Previously, families had earned income from fish ponds, which filled with sand, and agriculture, which didn't work in the sandy soil. CRS helped with agricultural inputs and aiding the community to build sturdy latrines that double as a fertilizer source. CRS also aided the community in shelter construction.

Photo by Jennifer Hardy/Catholic Relief Services